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Arcata provides highly accurate and comprehensive receiving, storage, and distribution services as well as extensive vehicle operations, vehicle maintenance, and fuels operations for its customers.

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  • Warehouse Management - Arcata manages the inventory, storage, and distribution of assets for our customers. The company maintains distribution metrics to ensure: responsiveness, reliability, visibility, and efficiency/cost. Arcata’s warehouse capabilities includes efficient and careful loading, transporting, and unloading of assets.

  • Property Management – Arcata’s DCMA approved Government Property Management System meets FAR 45 and NASA FAR Supplement requirements for asset management. Arcata’s property management system provides “cradle to grave” accounting of Government property; to include demand forecasting, acquisitions, receiving, identification and cataloguing, shipping, utilization analysis and disposition activities. Arcata utilizes leading technological advances in asset management, to provide RFID tracking capabilities for our customers.

  • Vehicle Operation/Fleet Management – Arcata plans and schedules vehicle operations activities and transportation and dispatches vehicles to meet customer requirements. The company maintains records and logs to compile operating costs and maintain expense records. This data is used to evaluate and analyze vehicle usage and routes to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. Arcata’s extensive driver training program ensures that vehicle operators are qualified to meet required state and federal licensing requirements.

  • Vehicle Maintenance - Arcata employs a comprehensive Vehicle Lifecycle Management Program, to ensure availability and access to vehicles, heavy equipment, and special purpose vehicles.

  • Fuels Management – Arcata’s fuels management program ensures fuel availability and distribution necessary to meet mission requirements, for aircraft, vehicles and generators. The company has developed systems to remotely monitor fuel status and level. Arcata performs required accounting and audits for compliance and reconciliation of all fuel accounts. The company operates and maintains fuel laboratories to ensure the quality of the product being utilized by the various machinery and vehicles used by our customers. Arcata’s all-inclusive fuels management program includes the inspection, inventory, and documentation of fuel tank compliance.

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* Photos Courtesy of the USAF