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2011 NASA Honor Award Recipients
2011 NASA Honor Award Recipients

Thirty-two Arcata Associates Research Facilities and Engineering Support Services (RF&ESS) Team members were included as part of three NASA Group Achievement Awards for their work at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center (DFRC), Edwards, Calif. The awards, presented at a NASA Honor Awards Ceremony on August 16, 2011, went to the following teams:

  • Dryden Full-scale Advanced Systems Testbed/Model Reference Adaptive Control Research Team Group Achievement Award for, "exceptional team performance in developing a cutting edge flight research tool while accomplishing challenging, high-risk technical goals under extreme time pressure."

  • NASA/Northrop Grumman Global Hawk Development Team Group Achievement Award for, "exceptional group achievement of the completely successful development of the first civilian usage Global Hawk platform system for the NASA science community."

  • Orion Abort Flight Test Pad Abort-1 Dryden Team, "for exceptional contributions, outstanding dedication, numerous sacrifices and incomparable teamwork performed in support of the Orion pad Abort-1 flight test."

"These awards recognize the strong teamwork and professionalism that our employees exhibit on a daily basis on a broad range of technically challenging projects. I wholeheartedly congratulate their efforts," said Tim Wong, President of Arcata Associates.