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RFESS Team Photo
RF&ESS Team Photo

On August 23, 2012, 74 Arcata employees on the Research Facilities and Engineering Support Services (RF&ESS) contract were recognized at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center (DFRC) 2012 Honor Awards ceremony. These awards recognize the accomplishments of individuals and groups of individuals who have distinguished themselves by making outstanding contributions to the Agency's mission.   

"I want to congratulate all of the award recipients and nominees.  I believe this is the highest number of Arcata RF&ESS employees recognized by the Agency at any one time.  These awards represent outstanding individual and team achievements and are well deserved,"  said Arcata President Tim Wong.

In addition to the Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal received by Robert Downing, the following NASA Group Achievement Awards were presented:

  • Dryden Critical Chain Project Management Core Team – For exceptional team performance in the establishment of the Center's Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) implementation approach.  NASA recognized Arcata employee Sonja Belcher as part of this team.
  • Dryden Shuttle Communications and Outreach Team – For exceptional team performance in communicating Shuttle Program activities to the public and facilitating end of mission media coverage for the shuttle landings at Dryden.  NASA recognized the following current and former Arcata employees:  Jaimie Baccus, Tim Burt, Dennis Calaba, Monroe Conner, David Faust, Tim Fisher, Al Guajardo, Todd Kunkel, Tony Landis, Angela Lasley, Robert Law, Marcos Lopez, Lori Lopez, Justine Mack, Steve Parcel, Tim Peters, Theresia Petit, Hector Rodriguez, James Ross, Jim Round, Brian Soukup, Carla Thomas, Tom Tschida, Mary Whalen, and Donna White as part of this team (25 awardees).
  • Mars Science Laboratory Team – For exemplary performance in the successful execution of challenging ground operations and flight maneuvers for the Mars Science Laboratory radar system.  NASA recognized the following current and former Arcata employees:  Sonja Belcher, Lori Losey, Emily Peterson, James Ross, Barbara Salisbury, and Carla Thomas as part of this team (6 awardees).
  • Space Shuttle Operations, Landing, and Post-Flight Support Team - For exceptional Shuttle support at DFRC leading to the successful completion of the Space Shuttle Program and major contributions to America's Human Space Flight Program.  NASA recognized the following current and former Arcata employees:  Jason Abueg, Jon Batchelor, Richard Batchelor, Jovany Bautista, Gregg Bergman, Douglas Boston, Kevin Bryant, Daniel Burgdorf, Tim Burt, Jennifer Campbell, Richard Chambers, Richard Courtois, Anne Crowell, Ryan Daily, Kevin Dolber, Rick Dykstra, Andrew Fortunato, Albert Guajardo, Joseph Innis, Robert Jones, Marcos Lopez, Lori Losey, Samanatha McGovern, Timothy Miller, Stacey Mills, Antonio Moreno, Emily Peterson, Robert Racicot, Patrick Ray, Brady Rennie, Hector Rodriguez, James Ross, Jack Sheldon, Leigh Ann Szymczak, Carla Thomas, Guy Thomas, Justin Thomas, Jesus Vasquez, Miguel Vigil, Michael Webb, and Jennifer Yasumoto as part of this team (41 awardees).