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2015 AFRC Subcontractor of the Year 300
Arcata Employees at AFRC receiving Small Business Subcontractor of the Year award February 23, 2016

Arcata Associates, Inc. has been selected as the 2015 NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC) Small Business Subcontractor of the Year. Arcata received its award from NASA on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016.

This award recognizes the Center's small business subcontractor who provides outstanding support to NASA and provides innovative solutions to challenging issues. In addition, the awardee is recognized for a high level of cooperation with both NASA and prime contractor personnel.

The award is the 5th Small Business Award that Arcata has received from its work on the Research Facilities and Engineering Support Services (RF&ESS) contract. Arcata CEO and President, Tim Wong, said, "This award is an acknowledgement of the outstanding work that our employees provide as a subcontractor to Inuteq and to NASA on the Research Facilities & Engineering Support Services (RF&ESS) contract."

In its nomination, Arcata's 2015 accomplishments include:

  • Playing a key role in the successful transition of the workforce to a new prime contractor with a nearly 99% retention rate.

  • Supporting small business initiatives including forging a partnership with NASA and the University of Nevada Las Vegas leading to NASA's first ever Mentor Protégé Agreement with a Minority Serving Institution. Arcata also partnered with the AFRC to participate in the Nevada Aviation Symposium, which provided NASA an opportunity to communicate its mission with an audience of large and small businesses and local, state and federal government officials.

  • Outstanding and responsive customer service support, noting in particular its innovative approach to software interface issues.