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Arcata Associates' Research Facilities and Engineering Support Services (RF&ESS) Team at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center received a 99% award fee score for its performance for the 6-month period ending July 31, 2011. It is the third 99% award fee score and 18th consecutive Excellent award fee rating received by the Program.

"Congratulations to Arcata Executive Vice President Anthony Ng, RF&ESS Program Manager Leigh Ann Szymczak and the entire RF&ESS Team on this phenomenal achievement. It is a testament to the Team's consistent level of professionalism and strong emphasis on customer satisfaction," said Tim Wong, Arcata President.

The Program received strong scores in all three areas of evaluation: technical performance, technical management and cost control. The performance report highlighted Arcata's strengths in several areas including:

  • The STS-135 and the successful conclusion of the Space Shuttle program. "The related ground-based support areas have been key to the many years of success the Space Shuttle has demonstrated."
  • Ikhana Tactical Reconnaissance and Counter-Concealment-Enabled Radar (TRACER) test flights. TRACER, a radar that detects objects that are buried or concealed under foliage in real time, has been undergoing test flights on the Ikhana, a fixed wing unmanned aerial system. "The TRACER project could not have accomplished its mission milestones without the support of the Arcata support team."
  • Agency Assessment & Authorization (A&A) process. "Arcata provides exemplary support for the A&A process – helping to ensure that DFRC IT systems are managed properly."
  • Support of the Enhanced Flight Termination System (EFTS). Components were developed to allow customers and users to configure a workstation at the push of button, instead of requiring the assistance of an Engineer. "This will greatly reduce cost and time needed to configure the EFTS system."

Since 2002, Arcata has supported the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center to carry out the Agency's mission in aeronautics research, human exploration and operations, and scientific discovery.

Arcata's RF&ESS Team is proud to have supported every Shuttle mission since contract inception including the five landings made at Edwards AFB, California.