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NSSC Award Winners

Arcata Award Winners. Front Row: Billy Wright, Susan McDonald, Joyce Ford, Thomas Matthews, Maria Etheridge, Carmen Cryer, and Vickie Hammons. Back Row: Charles Gales, Brian Spencer, Emma Mitros, Angelique Barron, Nick Bresett, Michael Dukes, and Brandi Head.

On August 19, 2014, several of Arcata's NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) employees were recognized at the NSSC Annual Honor Awards ceremony which highlights individuals and groups for their exceptional performance over the past year. Arcata NSSC personnel were acknowledged at both the Agency and Center levels. Arcata Vice President Allan McCaleb attended the ceremony and said, "It is always an honor when our customer recognizes the dedication of our employees in supporting NASA in fulfilling their mission and vision."

In recognition of their outstanding accomplishments, two employees were presented Arcata Customer Satisfaction Awards on August 20, 2014. "I am so proud of the level of customer service provided by our team. Please join me in congratulating the following individuals for their contributions to the success of NASA and the NSSC," said Tim Wong, President of Arcata.

NASA Agency Honor Awards

  • NASA Group Achievement Awards
    • Government Wide Accounting Initiative Team
      • Michael Dukes (Financial Management)
    • NAAS 3.1 Implementation Team
      • Thomas Matthews (IT)

NSSC Honor Awards

  • Certificate of Achievement
    • Maria Etheridge (Procurement)
  • NSSC Group Achievement Awards
    • Procurement Pre/Post Award Team
      • Joyce Ford (Procurement)
  • SBIR Invoice Team
    • Carmen Cryer (Procurement)
  • Enterprise License Management Team
    • Emma Mitros (Procurement) (Service Provider Group Rep)
  • NSSC Shutdown Team
    • Charles Gale (Enterprise Service Desk)
    • Susan McDonald (Enterprise Service Desk)
    • Brian Spencer (Enterprise Service Desk)
  • Website & Business Process Engineering
    • Maria Etheridge (Procurement)
    • Billy Wright (Quality & Project Management)

Arcata Customer Satisfaction Awards

  • Angelique Barron – Major accomplishments in the IT Group and unparalleled service
  • Nick Bresett – Major accomplishments in IT Group and outstanding customer service
  • Vickie Hammons – NSSC Achiever of the 1st Quarter 2014 in Financial Management Services Group
  • Brandi Head – Leadership in the IT Group and unparalleled customer service