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Arcata Associates Inc., as a member of the JT4 team, received an exciting announcement from Alan Hunter, JT4, LLC President, on April 5, 2018, that the JT4 Team had won the J-Tech II contract. JT4, LLC is an AECOM company.  This 15 year program provides engineering and technical support to Air Force, Army, and Navy Test and Training Ranges. Under J-Tech II, Arcata will continue its support of the USAF’s Nevada Test and Training Range; USAF’s Utah Test and Training Range; and USN’s China Lake Ranges.

Arcata’s presence at the NTTR began in 1979 as a prime contractor providing Engineering and Operations and Maintenance of Specialized Range Instrumentation and Systems.  Arcata’s role on J-Tech began in 2002 as a subcontractor to JT3, LLC.  Tim Wong, President of Arcata, said, “We are honored to be part of the JT4 Team ensuring America’s warfighters have the best systems and equipment and the highest level of preparedness.”  Arcata is proud of its employees on the team and Arcata Vice President Ralph Decker.  Arcata looks forward to continuing its excellent work in support of the USAF, USN and JT4.