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  • Welcome to Arcata’s Supplier Program. The purpose of this program is to streamline procurement activities in support of NASA’s Orion MPCV Program.
  • Arcata Associates, Inc. has been subcontracted by Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company (LMSSC) to provide procurement support for the Orion MPCV Program.
  • We are committed to performing all procurement activities in compliance with all required NASA, FAR, LMSSC, and Arcata Associates, Inc. regulations, policies, and procedures.

Terms and Conditions



NASA Provisions

Special Provisions

Supplier Survey

  • Please download the Orion MPCV Supplier Survey form, complete and e-mail back to: Sam Davis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Download the Orion MPCV Supplier Survey form. (.doc)

Vendor Request for Information or Change

Please note, Microsoft Word 2007 or greater is required to complete the .docx or .doc forms.

Contact Information

Physical Address

Arcata Associates, Inc.
8089 S. Lincoln St., Suite 300
Littleton, CO  80122
Attention: Sam Davis
Phone: (720) 531-2400